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The Angels Speak About Alignment

Updated: Feb 2

At some point in 2019, I asked about the problems of our world, about deception, greed, lies and war, about the way we treat each other, about the way forward for the planet.

This is what I got...

All of these problems are symptoms of disassociation with the true self, which results in no clear compass, no way.

To be in alignment with the Creative Source, to allow oneself to be shaped into its instrument - this is the work of the true self. Then to trust the journey set out for you and to live it with full heart and courage, and to do the work placed before you is to be in alignment with nature and humanity, which is itself part of nature. To be in alignment with the Creative Source and to be in alignment with nature creates a conduit of sustainable energy. The "work" is personal, and is always about love. Do the work with no thought of its value in the eyes of others, with no thought that it will be judged big or small, because in reality there is no such thing.

But what about the destruction caused by they collective small mind, the collective fear? Doesn't that impede on alignment?

Only if it destroys your trust in the ever-presence and ultimate wisdom of the Creative Source of everything. The small mind can destroy the forests and hurt the rivers and kill humans and destroy with bombs; the Creative Source renews and regenerates. In alignment with the Creative Source, we ourselves do renew and we do regenerate - we offer this energy to all of nature, to all of the universe, the multiverse. There is nothing to fear. If we must fear, then fear being not in alignment, and attach then to that process of continual alignment.

And what is the fear mind?

It is only the state of being not in alignment with the true reality of the self. It is only living, perceiving, and believing in illusion.

But what actions will solve the problems and take us forward?

Each individual in alignment, a conduit of wisdom and energy, doing their work along the way that is set out before them, is the perfect movement toward progress.

But what if other individuals are not in alignment?

That is not your problem. That thought leads to fear, a signal of misalignment, and leads you to want to control. That's not to say that we are not connected: in alignment, you will find that as a conduit, with no fear at all, the energy that passes through you can naturally draw others into alignment, the same way that you have been drawn by those in alignment who have walked near you along your way.

One more thing... What is the way to alignment?

Relax, be at ease. Know that it is not arduous except for our fears. Know that the way to alignment is not controlling or militant. It is flowing and creative. The way is joyful, full of wonder, comforting, and makes you feel good, makes you want to smile and cry tears of joy... To be in alignment, simply sing your heart's song of thanks and praises, because everything you need is coming to you at all times, and everything is being taken care of.

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