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Updated: May 24

Quite often what we call fantasy is actually comprised of small glimpses into a greater reality, which we as a collective humanity—in this time and space—do not acknowledge very readily, if at all. There are many of us, though, in our individual lives, who do acknowledge the human experience of a multi-dimensional existence. Though the wider culture tends not to accept or celebrate it, there are more and more of us who are growing aware that the wider culture seldom has anything figured out quite right.

There are many of us who might have felt isolated within such a culture, and my writings touch upon this aspect, too. Over the course of my life, I have come to realize that no human being feels an enduring sense of belonging until they cultivate a sense of belonging that comes from within—a sense of belonging to oneself. And this is not something that can be faked. It has to be real and the result of honest inner work.

Human culture at this point in time is unable to support the human being because it is built on such massive ignorance, fueled by centuries of deceptive conditioning and injustice, that it denies our true nature.

And so I write—not in an attempt to belong to whatever it is we have going on at the moment, but to give myself and others an exploration of what true belonging could mean to a humanity that can begin to see itself for all that it really is.

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