• Nadia Jamal

Asking the Angels... Some Notes

  • Your question will be kept confidential.

  • You can be as vague or detailed as you'd like.

  • The angels ask that you allow with patience and time for the answers to reveal themselves to you as they answer with many levels of meaning.

  • When you engage with the angels, be prepared for insights that may provide you with the kind of challenge that will move you in a direction toward greater authenticity, courage, creativity, and all that good stuff.

  • Angels do not replace your personal relationship with God, the Higher Self, the Higher Consciousness, or whatever terminology and belief system you use.

  • The angels belong within the circle of all that is. They are instruments of that Higher Power.

  • They do not create a situation of dependency and, in case you experience anything like that, it is an indication of an area of further work and growth for you, which you will find your way through.

  • If you ask a question simply wanting for them to prove their existence to you or to feed any kind of fear, be prepared for their beautiful ways of answering you that never pander to the ego/small-mind or the shadow-fears, and with lots of love, kindness, and knowledge.

  • Unlike our current society's tendency toward censorship and 'cancelling,' no question is out of bounds for the angels and they will never, ever 'cancel' you.

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