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A bit about my connection with the angels

I work with the beautiful, pure, and generous help of the angels. I want to acknowledge their help, which is beyond what any words could tell, because there is an ever-patience to them. They have eternity weaved into their nature, I suppose, because they simply do not give up on you. Ever.

While I don't think it's unusual to have help from angels, I do think we have difficulty talking about our connection to the non-material in our current culture. It can be frightening to talk about things when we feel alone in them amongst the norm, but by talking about things we come to find that we're not alone at all. We're all having weird and wonderful experiences. (I know this because humans are wondrous beyond what we can imagine!)

My experiences with the angels began in tiny little sprinkles. I would sense a brightness behind a word that I read on packaging, like the box of herbal tea, or on the words written on a truck driving by, as if the words were being highlighted for me, so I'd take notice and understand a deeper meaning.

If you're interested in knowing the angels, they will find every little way to let you know they are there with you. Very often, the conditioned mind doubts; we live, after all, in a highly materialistic culture. But the heart-intellect knows what it knows.

It was while I was writing my second novel (the first one being as yet incomplete) that I really began to feel their presence as colleagues, friends, guides, and encouragers.

The angels serve the Source, Pure Consciousness, the One, the Most High, however you’d like to describe the Creator or Creative Source. Being pure as they are, they are perfect vessels of consciousness. I think of them being so subtle in nature that they see things from a perspective that can help us through the density that we are in, here in the material world. They understand human nature in great depth. They see what plagues us and why. But they also don't see human nature as a problem to fix. It is a way and a path. There is purpose and meaning to everything, from their perspective. And they seem entirely unafraid of the great challenges we face. I think all of this tells of their nature. They also don't think of themselves as being above humans. There is no hierarchy in their eyes. And with great joy and certainty they are involved in humanity's progress.

I would not have walked my path without them. The truth is, I don't believe I'm naturally a storyteller at all. My comfort is in the world of the psyche.

I’m an imaginer. And I've come to find that imagination is much more than "make-believe." There are many ways of understanding imagination, but this is a topic for other writings. I do believe that imagination is a route through which we can connect to the higher reality of non-material existence, and I think this is one way that the angels connect with us.

The idea of storytelling only came to me once I’d graduated from school. I found myself quite lost and having serious questions about what to do with my life.

I asked, and the answer was to write stories. (It was only much later that I chanced upon some of my writings from elementary school and remembered that I had loved telling stories when I was little! They weren’t wonderful stories, but they were wondrous—full of imagination.)

Through imagination, I travel. I like to describe what I find in words. I’ve always done this for myself, whether it’s a feeling or an image, because I want to grasp the full experience of it.

My point is that I’ve had to do a lot of learning about what it means to write a story. And my process is not mechanical. It is simply a matter of opening my heart to a story that already exists, and that I must listen for. With trust, I write the words. And then I realize that whatever it is I’ve written was the best I could do at that moment, though it’s not anywhere near the actual story, because inevitably for me, the creation of a story is a learning and growing process.

So writing has been a way that I've practiced being with the angels. As they show me more and more, I keep revising and editing, listening, and listening.

Angels are friends (in the highest sense of that word) to all of us, and anyone who wants to be in contact with them can be.

It's not about being 'religious' or ascetic. There is, of course, inner work - connecting, the facing of one's fears, the making of choices toward courage and the higher love again and again, even when those choices mean that society doesn't see you or reward you.

I think sometimes we are in contact with the angels without fully knowing it, because we are going through a process. It’s unique, I'm quite certain, for each of us.

Their nature humbles me, because they embody humility. They give all praise to the Creative Ever-Presence at all times, feeling no sense of separation and no sense of pride. They are gentle and mighty. They are patient and unwavering. They encourage all the time. Sometimes they’ll let me know to share something that might be helpful, so I do.

When I work with parents and children, the angels help me learn to be a vessel for the immense and wonderful healing energies of human beings to flow the way that rivers do, naturally.

They love beauty and see it shining in each one of us.

And I love their presence.

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