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About Me

Having worked in the fields of education and psychology in various settings, including in classrooms and counseling centers, and in my own practice and personal work, I have often explored the imbalance of materialism over consciousness in education and psychology, and I see that, we almost entirely disregard the presence of the energetic and higher realms in the life of a human being.

But these aspects are wonderfully useful, and in fact, at the core of all real healing and progress, whether or not we are paying attention.

I use my understanding of the psyche, which is a word that encompasses all the nuances of mind-body, emotion, spirit, soul, intellect, imagination and energy, to gain insights that I hope can be of service. I do this work and write stories with the presence and encouragement of the angels, and above all else, the Creative Source.

I am a certified personal coach and hold a teaching degree from the University of Toronto and master’s degrees in psychological counseling from Columbia University.

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